Modernistic is one of a few printers in the United States to be certified as a Sustainable Green Printer by the Sustainable Green Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, nurturing, and measuring the sustainable efforts of printers across the US. SGP certification signifies that Modernistic ‘s commitment to sustainable practices is strong and meaningful. We are proud of our SGP designation and have a strong commitment to sustainability. MOD Sustainability Policy 2018


At Modernistic, everything headed for the waste bin gets evaluated for recyclability – corrugated, plastics, aluminum cans, bond paper, light bulbs, etc. We also reuse wherever possible – both sides of setup sheets, reclaimed corner boards and pallets. Modernistic has reduced the amount of waste going to  landfills by almost 75% in the past two years.

Knowledge Base of GREEN materials

As a sustainable green printer we test and recommend sustainable products that are either made from recycled materials, are themselves recyclable, or are biodegradable. These sustainable substrates cover our complete product line including flexible and rigid substrates and endure a thorough testing for manufacturability and field usage before we recommend them to our customers.

SGIA Environmental Recognition Awards

Modernistic was honored in 2010 with the first ever Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Sustainability Recognition Award. Today we are the only printer to receive the recognition for the nine years in a row. To qualify, applicants were required to submit their sustainability policy for review as well as the their continuous improvement in regards to sustainability. Modernistic’s policy highlights a commitment to integrated environmental, safety and health elements in plant operations (facility-wide), while making employee health and safety a top priority.