Case Study

Paint Masking That is Faster Than A Super Car

Supercar Manufacturer

Our customer came to us with many issues painting their headlight and taillight assemblies. They couldn’t get clean lines of paint and were scrapping out 70% of parts. They tried developing masking techniques but still couldn’t design a mask capable of clean paint lines, nor be removed without leaving residue, or keep a consistent application. The details in the parts were making it nearly impossible for the customer to get a uniform paint job. The parts continued to fail inspection and production schedule slowed.

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Design a mask that protects the paint, has consistent application, speeds up the assembly line, and ultimately decreases waste.


They had clean paint lines, easy to install/remove masks, and consistent application moving forward. The intricate design, yet simple masks were just what was needed to speed up their production and eliminate waste.

We created a simple mask that could be easily located and aligned based on the car parts. We also constructed a new operational procedure to enhance their current masking program and provided videos for installation.

Cut Masking Time to

Decreased Waste by
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