Merch Strips2         shelf strips danglers

Merchandising Strips

Merchandising strips are a cool way to promote your product long after the last item has sold!  And the best feature is retailers can reload the strips so your investment keeps working, giving you  long-standing value. Customers love them and the product is easy to view and pull off, making it much more likely a purchase will be made. Adding bright colors and custom shapes is a great way to capture attention and customers will look for the product time and time again.


Danglers are a great promotional product that catch the consumer’s eye by dangling near the actual product is being sold.  The rectangular “rail” at the top slides into a clip while the rest dangles forward and draws the customer’s attention into the movement. Add your unique graphics and the customer can’t but help but stop and take a look!

Shelf Strips

Shelf strips are designed to hang above a product to add a deeper level of customer interest and identification to a certain product that is being showcased. They are engineered to easily slide into existing rails and shelving. Add a splash of contrasting colors and your unique graphics, and the customer will notice.