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Glitter Graphics

Modernistic can provide you with glitter graphics for your next holiday promotion! We now have two different glitter options: new chunky glitter or the traditional infused glitter. With chunky glitter we are able to produce two sided glitter graphics in almost any color imaginable! Want a orange pumpkin or a pink heart we can make your graphic glisten with our unique colored glitters.  Make your next promotion sparkle with attention grabbing glitter graphics that increase your sales!

Texture Graphics

Want to add some texture to your graphic? We are able to print a raised 3D effect on any printed graphic. Make your graphics come to life!

Fragrance (Scratch and Sniff)

Let smell lead the buyer to you! With our micro encapsulated fragrance printing we can add endless fragrances to your printed project. Engage consumers and let them use all of their senses in-store with scented inks by Modernistic.  Add scents like mint, leather, or apple to a printed piece.  Consumers react to those scents and that yields big dividends.

Consumers can not only SEE your printed piece they can FEEL it and SMELL it, and when you engage multiple senses, they will REMEMBER it.

Magnetic Receptive

MODERNISTIC will print your image, as well as printing a magnetic receptive ink on the back side.  The graphic can then be inexpensively packaged, shipped and easily installed onto the magnetic wall mounted frame.   This allows graphics to be easily changed without the use of any tools!

Pearlescent Colors

Want to give a soft luster to your graphic? Modernistic has a custom ink lab that can mix up any color imaginable!

Bonus Colorsbonus-colors

Overlap colors to get a “bonus” color without using another screen or ink on press.

Metallic Colors and Foils

We can print metallic colors or overprint translucent inks on foiled stock to give you a unique and cutting edge graphics!

Florescent colors

Do you remember the 80’s and all the wild colors – they are back and we can print them with amazing vibrancy!

Scratch Off Inks

Modernistic can help you with your scratch off card printing for games, tickets and other retail marketing campaigns.

Glow in the Dark

You guessed it – we can print images that glow in the dark!Mod Glitter Floral hearts

Floral Sheeting

Want to add some shimmer and texture to your graphic? Check out print with integrated floral sheeting mounted to give your graphic extra pizzazz!