Contract Manufacturing

Modernistic is a premier contract manufacturing company and we are under contract with manufacturers in a number of industries to produce parts and use integrated capabilities on complex, fast turnaround orders.

  • Clean Room
  • Assembly
  • Laminating
  • Slitting/sheeting
  • Package + Fulfillment
  • Shipping

Clean Room

Our clean room provides die cutting, laminating, finishing and converting for contaminate sensitive applications:

  • Medical
  • Electronic
  • Inspection
  • Packaging


We have implemented a number of focused factories within our plant that concentrate on multi-component sub assemblies and final assemblies for specific customers. These projects are usually the result of adding value to a printed and/or die cut program to give our customers total vertical integration and one stop shopping. Often they involve critical inspection processes and final packaging, including consumer packaging.


Modernistic has a number of roll laminators to apply adhesive and protective films to various substrates. These laminators have heat assisted rollers to optimize the flow and clarity of the adhesives and laminates.


Many of our operations involve sheet fed printing and sheet fed die cutting. For this reason, Modernistic has developed substantial sheeting and slitting capabilities. We can accept jumbo rolls up to 60” wide for sheeting and slitting. These rolls are typically on a 3” core.

Package + Fulfill

At Modernistic, we provide you with comprehensive fulfillment services, making sure we complete your project to your satisfaction.

  • Collating — every component part packaged together in the proper order and counted.
  • Bagging or Shrink wrapping finished goods, utilizing one of three shrink wrap tunnels.
  • Kitting — all materials packaged in durable, cost-effective containers with instruction information for final easy assembly.
  • Packsize Box Maker — provides optimized packaging with quick turns and small lot size capability. This is a more cost effective, on-demand packaging solution, than conventional outside carton suppliers. The best packaging is a corrugated box that is cut to exactly the right size to fit your components.
  • Shipping & List Management — providing timely delivery across the country, with continuous list maintenance and updating.
  • Warehousing & inventory tracking — offering complete inventory stocking, fulfillment and management with tracking and reporting services. This also provides reorder recommendations when stock levels are low.

ModPodWhen your parts need safe and secure warehousing, Modernistic is equipped with an Automated Storage and Retrieval Robot. The ModPod can time release your parts on demand. Orders are retrieved using a robotic system with over 4,000 bins. Check out our video for a demonstration


Conveniently located in the center of North America, Modernistic offers a strategic distribution point for shipping to customer locations throughout the United Sates. This centralized location gives you a “jump start” to the Midwest and both coasts. It also saves you time in your schedule and lower shipping costs. Our on-time shipping has exceeded 99% over the last three years. Modernistic has experience with leading transportation companies, offering timely delivery and reduced costs for your critical industrial components.

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