Industrial Laser Die Making


Modernistic is one of a rare few that offers both laser die making and die cutting capabilities in-house with documented measuring. Our coordinate measuring machines can dimensionally verify your tool or part to the ten thousandths of an inch. This enables us to guarantee you consistency, quality-control, and cost-effectiveness for your unique project. We offer:

  • An in-house laser die making department that produces a variety of die types.
  • Laser dies for intricate designs
  • A range of complex cuts to simple cut-outs.
  • Thin to thick substrates.
  • CAD/CAM automated rule bender for consistency from die cavity to cavity.

The free-form, non geometric die making and die cutting processes are as much art as they are science. Our goal is to meet your needs for craftsmanship, expertise, and refined “art” techniques for producing one-of-a kind effects.