Custom Color Match Screen Printing

Modernistic delivers exact PMS (Pantone® Matching System) spot color matches for your brand and corporate identity specifications. Screen printing is the only durable printing process that gives you a precise PMS spot color match. Don’t settle for a CMYK – four color process facsimile of your desired color. Go with a color that is spot-on using Modernistic’s computer-controlled color formulation process with custom screen printing. We will audit your color for the Delta E measurement and check it for metamerism under different lighting. The color is then printed using G7 standards, and we will hold it there throughout the production run. We also print:

  • Day Glow – Florescent colors
  • Photoluminescent ink
  • Heavy Deposit Clear Texture ink
  • Magnetic Receptive ink
  • Ultra Durable Hard Coat Clear
  • Adhesive Printing
  • Protective Coatings

The versatility of screen printing allows us to achieve ink adhesion to most any substrate. We have even printed on water – really! We can adjust the ink chemistry to adhere to most any print substrate. The screen printing process is versatile with various ink types and cure methods (solvent, UV, etc) to gain adhesion to most print substrates. Try us for your difficult ink adhesion projects.

2nd-Surface Print / Adhesive Backed Nameplates

For additional durability, Modernistic can print wrong reading on transparent materials. To damage the ink using this construction, one would have to damage the transparent material to destroy the ink layer. On OEM products for example, such as lawn and garden equipment, scuffs and scrapes in normal use could gouge standard decals. To adhere these decals to your equipment Modernistic would laminate an adhesive to the ink layer.

Durable / Color Fast

Due to the fact that screen printing is a direct printing method (unlike offset printing), this process offers the opportunity to deposit a significant pigment load onto the substrate. More pigment means more durability. It also means the colors will not fade quickly and they will “pop” with vivid saturation. Some of our inks are guaranteed to not fade for up to seven years. All pigments for the industrial market are warranted to last three years. For additional durability, the screen printing process can deliver protective coatings including additional UV resistance and abrasion resistance.

 Adhesive Printing

When your adhesive pattern is specific, Modernistic can print that pattern and cure it into a pressure sensitive adhesive. This can be used in a masking application to seal the paint edge and make it easy to remove the mask after the painting operation.

Protective Coatings

Abrasion and UV resistant coatings can be screen printed over your ink colors. These provide additional durability for your printed parts