What We Do

Family-owned and operated, Modernistic has been an industry leader for over seventy five years, providing innovative solutions and getting the job done to your exact specifications. Modernistic has the talent and equipment to design and manufacture decor, displays, and graphics in order to help your business succeed. We take on large, complex projects, intimidating our competition with our impressive array of services and processes. We have the knowledge and resources to get the job done on time and within budget.

Our services include:

  • Project Management
  • Design and Engineering
  • Printing
  • Cutting and Fabrication
  • Finishing and Fulfillment
  • Warehouse
  • Shipping
  • Installation


Modernistic is all about quality which is evident in our systems and our certifications.  We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations by offering:

  • G7 Master Printer Certification
  • Sustainable Green Printer (SGP) Certification
  • ISO Compliant Quality Assurance Systems
  • Supply Chain Certification of Conformance to Specifications
  • Continuous Improvement Projects

Design and Engineering

Our in-house design staff knows which graphic elements will bring your vision to fruition. Color, lighting, symmetry, balance, contrast and focus – we’re here to help make the most impactful product within your budget. Years of knowledge in retail industry ensure we get it right, and we won’t stop until you love the finished product.


As a leading large format printing company, it’s important that we have the best equipment in the industry. Signage is the fastest way to increase sales.  Modernistic has one of the most extensive assortments of large format multi-color screen and digital printing presses in the entire country printing up to 144” in length. Digital and screen print versatility offers a wide variety of substrates on which to print, including plastic, ceramics, wood and paper. We even have a 14’ walk-in color booth so you can view your product as your customer might in the retail setting.

To match your color specifications, we formulate our own ink in our custom color ink lab. Our color formulators have a combined level of experience unmatched in the industry. If you desire a special printing effect, describe it – we may have already done it. Our printing and color services are all performed under G7™ Master Printer and SGP certification.

Cutting and Fabrication

When you need parts cut fast, nothing beats die cutting for speed and cost effectiveness. Precision die-cutting with the most advanced CAD cutters   are fast and cost effective. Modernistic also has extensive manual and automatic heat bending capabilities in plastic fabrication. These processes are employed to provide additional dimension and function to various thermo-plastics. Discuss your needs with us and our design team will work to satisfy your objectives and fabricate your designs to your exact specifications.

Finishing and Fulfillment

Modernistic’s expert finishing department will ensure your products are created, packaged and delivered to you on time, problem-free. Our fulfillment department handles large and small shipments, payment processing, and coordinates kit packing and assembly instructions.


We warehouse your parts in our unique MODERNISTIC Parts on Demand system. It’s a mouthful so we shortened it to MODPOD- our friendly name for our robotically-controlled inventory bin retrieval system. It is located in our plant, it’s secure and password protected, and houses finished unique Modernistic products that can be retrieved at any time and drop shipped on demand. If you imagine having to sort through a huge warehouse of dusty boxes with leftover product and trying to ship it out on time, you will get some idea of what it’s like for a company that DOESN’T have a retrieval system to rely on.


Conveniently located in the center of North America, Modernistic offers a strategic distribution point for shipping to customer locations throughout the United Sates. This centralized location saves both time in your schedule and lowers shipping costs. Our on-time shipping exceeded 99% over the last three years. Modernistic has experience with leading transportation companies, offering timely delivery and reduced costs for your promotional campaigns.


Finally, our certified installation team will make sure all décor; display, graphics, fixtures, murals and installations look great and are visible at your business on the date you were promised. Our project management team will coordinate with installers to handle new store openings, rollouts and renovations with minimal store disruption and one convenient point of contact!

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