Case Study

Literally Reshaping In-Store Point of Purchase Strategies

National Adventure Retailer

An adventure retailer came to us with the idea of selling end cap space to their product suppliers. They wanted us to create an end cap display that could fit across all their stores. We made it happen. The success of this program grew and eventually they wanted to implement digital displays into these endcaps. We created a customizable, easy-to-apply shroud with lots of space to have a printed message. Again, the success of this program grew with more product suppliers finding that these end caps were driving more sales. Finally, we developed side fins to achieve even greater in-store awareness. This has led to a store-wide POP strategy that has forwarded this brand’s business not only B2C but also B2B.

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Produce, kit, and ship revenue building endcap displays that are easy to install, have fast turnaround times, and take up little in-store real estate.


We designed these displays to be easily templateable for each product supplier. We digitally print these parts, route them, utilize proprietary fabrication processes,ship, and kit them so that they can be easily installed by store associates.

We are able to keep costs down because we have all the necessary fabrication and print technologies in our Stillwater facility. Not only do we eliminate multiple vendors but this brand works directly with us (the manufacturer) to produce these parts eliminating any more unnecessary print management costs.

Customers Fixate on Endcaps

Year-to-Year Growth
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