Case Study

A Customer Asked Us to Put Bats In Their Store?!

National Department Store

During a comprehensive Halloween decor project, the department store we were producing for came to us with a last-minute idea. The customer wanted to hang fake, dimensional bats all over their store to accent the other seasonal decor we were producing. They wanted each location (350 stores over the US) to have over 50 of these “bats.” With a tight budget and an even tighter deadline, we designed a dimensional bat that could ship flat and could be produced in large quantities both quickly and economically.

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Create over 15,000 dimensional hanging bats on a tight budget in less than 3 days.


With less than a couple of days to design and produce over 15,000 bats, we had to use a readily available material and use an automated process. We came up with a simple bat design that would use black rigid vinyl and only need to utilize a single die-cutter.

To make the bat multi-dimensional, we crease-scored the “spine” of the bat so the wings would dip, while through-cutting the perimeter with a steel rule die. This all happened in one die-cutting impress, using a single press, and fitting many parts onto one master sheet. This manufacturing process was essential for achieving success since the typical digital CAD drag-knife and scoring wheels would not have been able to crease the bat “spine” adequately.


Bats Produced in 24 Hours
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