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Reducing Security Gate Install Cost Over 600%?!


A global security group was experiencing difficulty sourcing metals for templates used to install their security terminals. Due to the intricacy of these security terminals, install was complex and required a modular system of parts that could be connected and placed onto the floor showing the footprint of their security gates. This would help installers visualize where they needed to drill anchor points, put conduits, rig up electrical, before the equipment could be installed. They came to us for help and we provided a solution…

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Design security terminal floor templates to be lighter, printable, easier to understand, and cost effective for global installation.


Instead of using heavy, costly, and difficult to install metal we provided an alternate material that is durable, cost effective, lightweight (reducing shipping costs and emissions), and could be printed or routed for artwork.

We also helped revise the design of the templates to be modular (similar to puzzle pieces). This slashed terminal install time, alleviated confusion, and helped reduce construction rework. The dramatic cost savings were significant – a reduction of 86% over the cost of metal template sets!

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Reduced Former Template Cost By
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