Case Study

Creating A Sustainable Display That Eliminated Product Packing?!


A marketing agency came to us looking for help designing a display for their client, who had recently been accepted into multiple national grocery stores spanning over 800 locations. The client required a display that would be easy to stock, and restock, their product. The display would be placed in a location that would be heavily mopped, meaning it also needed to withstand water and light abuse. We created a water resistant display that store associates could quickly stock product by using the product packing itself.

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Design and manufacture a POP display that can be quickly re-stocked with product and water resistant.


To keep costs down, we designed the display to be made of multiple materials. The base was printed on a durable alternative material that withstands water. To allow quick restocking of product the display was designed to have the product packaging fit right inside.

To restock, just open the box the product shipped in and place it directly into the display. This design results in less material use, impacting the overall cost and waste. Not only did this help the client, but it also saved the grocery retailers by reducing the time it took their associates to restock material.

Wasted Shipping Boxes

Reduced Packing Time
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