Case Study

Creating an Electric Fast Masking Process

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

An EV manufacturer needed a fast, automated way to mask on their painting assembly line as the car was moving. The vehicle being painted had a two tone pattern with a full, glass roof. This meant masks needed to be precise, robust, and able to fit in tight spaces.

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The masking process couldn’t take more than 5 minutes, had to withstand high temperatures, have extra measures for paint leakage, and cleanly remove after the bake cycle.


We designed a high temperature mask and developed a shingle system to eliminate paint leaks. The final product was a 3-part mask system, involving a center roof panel, a windshield panel, and rear panel. Our masking design allowed vehicles to be prepped, masked, and ready for paint within minutes.

Our product was able to be applied by the assembly line workers in under 3 minutes and provided comprehensive paint consistencies needed to match their luxury brand. This reduction of time waste, material waste, and increase in overall paint quality has saved our customer’s bottom line.

Surpassed Initial Masking Goal by

Reduced Paint Assembly Per Car
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