Case Study

How Our Screen Printing Had A Positive Global Impact On Others


A multinational medical device company came to us with a new product they wanted to launch. This product is a patient ID card that would help patients all over the world get identified more quickly by medical personnel. The humanitarian benefits were immense and we couldn’t wait to help get this launched. The card is similar to a credit card, but needed to be multiple sizes. These 3 cards had to come in a slim, mailable package/kit to reduce as many shipping costs as possible. These ID cards are used worldwide, so we had to help with the copy translation (over 12 languages/100+ countries). The ID’s also needed to be printed with ink that allows pens to write on the portions requiring custom patient information.

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Print and cut patient ID cards that can be written on, durable, and affordable in a cost effective kit to ship globally. Additionally, format them to be understood worldwide, in multiple languages.


We created an ink formula that converted their RGB colors to CMYK to print their exact branded colors, while mixing another ink formula that is able to be written on. We also formatted and translated the copy to be understood in over 12 different languages with over 100 accessible countries.

Patient conditions identified

Countries access better healthcare
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