Case Study

We Redesigned The Decor For 278 Stores and It Increased Sales


A national convenience store brand was in need of an interior environment refresh and wanted to cover nearly every surface with the new store design. Additionally, they also wanted their decor to actually promote sales and increase revenue. Not only did we create compelling visual communication that influenced sales but we also implemented customizable decor that made each store feel unique yet familiar. Ultimately, this saved their cost in so many ways that if we listed them all, you would be reading all day.

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Redesign and manage the store décor and environment to increase store revenue.


Designed comprehensive store decor to be interchangeable providing cost reduction, ease of reset and customization by store. Added dimensional lettering to increase visibility and interest.

We replaced the wood laminate parts with printed wood grain to create significant cost savings. Utilized interchangeable channel lettering and bulkhead signs to create a custom feel to each store.

Stores Increased in Value

Increased Targeted Product Sales by
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