Case Study

How We Helped Increase Sales While Product Was Out-Of-Stock


Everyone, across all industries, is aware of the issues that a bottlenecked supply chain produces. One of these issues is a limited amount of in-store products. Apart from the obvious lack of product revenue, when shelves look bare, customer retention and trust inevitably fall as well. We were tasked with printing, cutting, kitting, and shipping a shelf filler that could promote sales generation while keeping the product’s designated shelves looking stocked; even, when they didn’t have in-store product.

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Produce a recyclable shelf filler that can maintain sales while replacing an out of stock product.


A QR Code was printed on them to ensure that customers would scan the code and purchase online if the item was not in stock there. This ensured retention of sales even though the product was not in stock.

The consumer could also take the part home for free and continue to buy them from home if need be. A store associate or customer could replace or recycle them based on application.

Implemented Stores

Shelf Space Filled
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