Case Study

We Made A Product Display Out Of The Product Itself...


A synthetic lumber manufacturer intended to showcase their synthetic wood in a display in stores throughout the US. The challenge was they wanted it to be made from their own .75” thick material. A number of display manufacturers turned them away due to the unconventional material. We happily took on that challenge. The design concept included a tall rotating display with brackets for their marketing materials, shelves that could hold the heavy product, and a method for inter-changeable graphics. We got to work.

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Design and manufacture a heavy-duty, versatile display created from the customer’s unconventional product material.


Our creative team designed the 65” tall, rotating hexagon shaped display to fit the specific products desired. To achieve edges without miter joints or any visible seams we routed out the inside of the exterior sides so they could bend. C channels were added to help the product seat securely on the shelves.

J Channels were added to easily slide the replaceable graphics in and out. Adjustable shelves were created by cutting peg holes in the back. These features made the display far more versatile, extending its life. The customer appreciated our design so much they doubled the initial order, and added a countertop version.

Initial Order Quantity Increased

Constructed from Customer’s Own Material
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