Case Study

We Printed Rusty Metal... And It Saved Our Customer $200,000


A fast casual food chain came to us with a problematic decor piece they were using in their restaurants. This fixture was made of steel corrugate which hung above the cash register. The rustic patina had to be hand-made for every location and took 6 weeks to build. This led to dramatic inconsistencies in quality, price, and look. The size and weight of the fixture required it to be trucked in and was even causing structural ceiling issues at some locations. The customer asked us to address all these issues and make it more affordable…

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Redesign a heavy, dangerous, and costly hanging decor fixture so that it ships efficiently, installs quickly, and costs less. 


We replaced the steel material with styrene and designed a patina art to match their environment. We screen printed with thermal form ink and printed woodgrain cross frames. Finally, in order to replicate the curves of natural currogate metal, we vac-formed 3D ridges into the styrene.

We designed the fixture parts to easily assemble, making install require minimal time or tools. Their old fixture had to be trucked into each location, ours fit in a UPS box. We were able to save our customer an extreme amount of cost, install time, and effort in a matter of days.

Cut Fixture Cost By

Decreased Weight By
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