Case Study

How We Fixed A Million Dollar Motorcycle Assembly Line Backup

Motorcycle Manufacturer

An international rugged motorcycle brand came to us with a major paint operation problem in their supply chain. They faced constant product backups on the paint line leading to project revenue losses, labor time increases, deadline misses, and product shortages. We designed and produced several prototype masks to simplify and quicken the masking project.

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Deliver a paint masking process and product that would reduce move and wait time dramatically, thereby reducing labor costs.


Our masking design allowed parts to flow through the masking operations, virtually eliminating the need for the product to wait in the queue for the masking application.

This new process affected their whole operation. We were able to decrease labor from 8 to 2 masking personnel, reduce 6400 sq ft, and increase inspection approval 30%.

Inspection Approval

Overall Net Savings
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