Custom Masking

One of Modernistic’s industrial specialties is our custom paint masking capability. Modernistic can design custom paint masks to make your paint operations more accurate and efficient. You no longer need to spend countless labor hours hand trimming and applying self-wound masking tape to get the fit you need. Modernistic will design a custom and consistent paint mask to fit your application perfectly every time. This will not only provide an incredibly precise paint edge but it will also speed up your process. These masks work perfectly for two-tone or multicolor painting. Lay down your original base color and then use our custom masks for multicolor applications. These masks will withstand the heat of your curing ovens up to 30 minutes at 350 degrees, yet remove cleanly and without adhesive residue.

Modernistic offers a wide variety of masking materials designed to provide solutions for general purpose, oven cured and three dimensional paint and foam masking applications. We use only the best materials from fine-line tapes to automotive grade crepe paper tapes. If you want a softer paint edge, Modernistic can even engineer a feather edge mask for that type of unique application as well.

Masks are cut to specific shapes and sizes to conform to complex areas in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Modernistic employs a number of specialized die cutting machines to meet all your specific requirements for your paint masking needs. Die cutting can be effectively used in many industries where precision masking is required.

Production Benefits:

  • Speed to production – save time and money
  • Increased throughput with lower skilled labor
  • Allows you to focus on core operations with consistent production rates
  • Quality improvements, with more accurate repeatability by eliminating the variability from hand applied masking

Design Benefits:

  • Clean, hassle free design options
  • Solidworks and CAD fitment
  • Design to your specific needs with consistent alignment, fixture applications and laser alignment features

Financial Benefits:

  • Reduce design development costs
  • Reduce design production costs by reducing the skill level necessary for accurate hand placed masks
  • Improve value to customers
  • Improve competitive advantage and increase sales
  • System installation and training costs reduced
  • Faster ROI

Variety of Custom Products and Services:

  • Retroactive solutions for existing designs
  • Wet-pull masking so the hard paint edge collapses into the adjacent color. This uses less labor to blend the edges. In most cases, no sanding is needed.
  • Feather masking for that soft paint edge look
  • Laser Locating of the masks – incorporating custom locators with or without the use of a laser
  • Two Level Die Cutting
  • Gross masks – interior part application to protect where you don’t want paint to contact.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We can partner with you on product design. Using 3D design and rendering, rapid prototyping, CAD and extensive new product development capabilities, our mutual goals will be to improve speed on project approvals and speed to the market.

Increase your throughput and quality of production. Call Modernistic today to help you minimize waste and rework by utilizing our custom paint masking capability.

 A Motorcycle Manufacturer Case Study

While working with a large motorcycle manufacturer, we were able to deliver a masking process that reduced move and wait time dramatically, thereby reducing labor costs. By developing, creating and implementing a process and improving their paint operation, we were able to improve throughput, reduce waste and rework, improve quality and grow revenue. Our masking design allowed parts to flow through the masking operations virtually eliminating the need for the product to wait in queue for the masking application.


Reduced Labor from 8 to 2 masking personnel – $600,000 savings

Throughput – reduced space by 6400 sq. ft. or a dollar value of approximately $1.2 million

Waste / Rework / Quality (First time pass increased from 72% to 98% yield ) $1.5 million

Total Realized Savings:  $3.3 million (for the life of the program)

Cost increases and cost of implementation  

Die Cut Product = 20% increase (over self wound tape): $100,000

Equipment / Fixturing (one time cost): $80,000

$180,000 spent

Thus, this was an overall net savings of $3.12 million for the life of the program

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